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Book 1990 Brosius, J. Peter After Duwagan: deforestation, succession, and adaptation in uplan Luzon, Philippines Michigan Papers on South and Southeast Asia [Brosius, 1990 #19982]
Journal Article 1991 Brosius, J. Peter Review of "Archaeological research of the Hoabinhian culture or technocomplex and its comparison with ethnoarchaeology of the Phi Tong Luang, a hunter-gatherer group of Thailand" by Surin Pookajorn Asian Perspectives (1991) [Brosius, 1991 #32947]
Journal Article 1991 Brosius, J. Peter Foraging in tropical rain forests: the case of the Penan of Sarawak, East Malaysia (Borneo) Human Ecology [Brosius, 1991 #34814]
Book Section 1986 Brosius, J. Peter Ethnoecology: an approach to understanding traditional agricultural knowledge Traditional agriculture in Southeast Asia: a human ecology perspective [Brosius, 1986 #24991]