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Type Year Authors Title Source ID
Journal Article 1967 Brill, R. H. Isotope studies of ancient lead American Journal of Archaeology [Brill, 1967 #28071]
Conference Paper 2005 Brill, R. H. Ancient glass along the silk road International Symposium on Glass in connection with the annual meeting of the International Commission on Glass [Brill, 2005 #26419]
Book Section 1987 McKinnon, E. E. Chemical analyses of some glasses from Sumatra Archaeometry of Glass [McKinnon, 1987 #23622]
Journal Article 1991 Brill, R. H. A note on lead-isotope analysis of faience beads from China Journal of Glass Studies [Brill, 1991 #29928]
Book Section 1987 Brill, R. H. Chemical analyses of some early Indian glasses Archaeometry of Glass [Brill, 1987 #23904]
Book (Edited) 1991 Brill, R. H. Scientific research in ancient Chinese glass [Brill, 1991 #21516]