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Journal Article 1984 Brace, C. Loring Human tooth size at mesolithic, neolithic, and modern levels at Niah Cave, Sarawak: comparisons with other Asian populations Sarawak Museum Journal [Brace, 1984 #34056]
Journal Article 1991 Li, Yongyi Dimensions of face in Asia in the perspective of geography and prehistory American Journal of Physical Anthropology [Li, 1991 #34604]
Journal Article 1980 Brace, C. Loring Australian tooth-size clines and the death of a stereotype Current Anthropology [Brace, 1980 #35419]
Journal Article 1991 Brace, C. Loring Human craniofacial form and the evidence for the peopling of the Pacific Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Brace, 1991 #35380]
Book Section 1984 Brace, C. Loring Prehistoric and modern tooth size in China The origins of modern humans: a world survey of the fossil evidence [Brace, 1984 #24830]
Book Section in a Series 1990 Brace, C. Loring Micronesians, Asians, Thais, and relations: a craniofacial and ondontometric perspective Recent Advances in Micronesian Archaeology: Selected Papers from the Micronesian Archaeology Conference, September 9-12, 1987 [Brace, 1990 #26257]