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Book Section 2008 Bowdler, Sandra Hoabinhian and non-Hoabinhian From <i>Homo erectus</i> to the living traditions [Bowdler, 2008 #23694]
Book Section 2007 Bowdler, Sandra Liang Bua in the wider prehistoric context Recent Advances on Southeast Asian Paleoanthropology and Archaeology: Proceedings International Seminar on Southeast Asian Paleoanthropology [Bowdler, 2007 #23752]
Journal Article 1992 Bowdler, Sandra The earliest Australian stone tools and implications for Southeast Asia Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Bowdler, 1992 #29934]
Journal Article 1995 Bowdler, Sandra Offshore islands and maritime explorations in Australian prehistory Antiquity [Bowdler, 1995 #29933]
Book Section 2006 Bowdler, Sandra The Hoabinhian: early evidence for SE Asian trade networks? Uncovering Southeast Asia's past: selected papers from the 10th International Conference of the European Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists [Bowdler, 2006 #24039]
Journal Article 1994 Bowdler, Sandra Ky nghe Hoabinhian o Australia: lich su khai luoc [ The Hoabinhian in Australia: a retrospective review] Khao Co Hoc [Bowdler, 1994 #30891]
Book Section 2003 Bowdler, Sandra A comparison of stone industries from Southeast Asia and Australia: some preliminary results Fishbones and glittering emblems: Southeast Asian archaeology 2002 [Bowdler, 2003 #24349]
Journal Article 1996 Bowdler, Sandra The human colonization of Sunda and Sahul: cultural and behaviourial considerations Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Bowdler, 1996 #31712]
Journal Article 1998 Cooper, Zarine Flaked glass tools from the Andaman Islands and Australia Asian Perspectives (1998) [Cooper, 1998 #32779]