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Journal Article 2017 Blust, Robert Historical linguistics and archaeology: an uneasy alliance Terra Australis [Blust, 2017 #27372]
Journal Article 1983 Blust, Robert More on the position of the languages of Eastern Indonesia Oceanic Linguistics [Blust, 1983 #29930]
Book Section in a Series 2000 Blust, Robert Why lexicostatistics doesn't work: the 'universal constant' hypothesis and the Austronesian language Time depth in historical linguistics [Blust, 2000 #25939]
Journal Article 2005 Blust, Robert Borneo and iron: Dempwolff's *Besi Revisited* Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Blust, 2005 #30454]
Journal Article 1988 Blust, Robert The Austronesian homeland: a linguistic perspective Asian Perspectives (1984-1985) [Blust, 1988 #33034]
Journal Article 1990 Blust, Robert Language and culture history: two case studies Asian Perspectives (1986-1987) [Blust, 1990 #32990]
Journal Article 1976 Blust, Robert Austronesian culture history: some linguistic references and their relations to the archaeological record World Archaeology [Blust, 1976 #34066]
Journal Article 1995 Blust, Robert The prehistory of the Austronesian-speaking peoples: a view from language Journal of World Prehistory [Blust, 1995 #34785]
Book Section in a Series 1996 Blust, Robert Beyond the Austronesian homeland: the Austric hypothesis and its implications for archaeology Prehistoric settlement of the Pacific [Blust, 1996 #26209]