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Journal Article 1987 Nair, J. Endogenous nitrosation in the oral cavity of chewers while chewing betel quid with or without tobacco IARC Scientific Publications [Nair, 1987 #35113]
Journal Article 1985 Nair, J. Tobacco-specific and betel nut-specific N-nitroso compounds: occurrence in saliva and urine of betel quid chewers and formation in vitro by nitrosation of betel quid Carcinogenesis [Nair, 1985 #35112]
Journal Article 1984 Wenke, G. A study of betel quid carcinogenesis. IV. Analysis of the saliva of betel chewers: A preliminary report Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology [Wenke, 1984 #35064]
Journal Article 1984 Shirname, L. P. Mutagenicity of betel quid and its ingredients using mammalian test systems Carcinogenesis [Shirname, 1984 #35050]
Journal Article 1979 Shivapurkar, N. M. Effect of betel-nut constituents on nucleic acid metabolism Indian Journal of Experimental Biology [Shivapurkar, 1979 #35049]
Journal Article 1980 Shivapurkar, N. M. Tumorigenic effect of aqueous & polyphenolic fractions of betel nut in Swiss strain mice Indian Journal of Experimental Biology [Shivapurkar, 1980 #35048]
Journal Article 1996 Desai, S. S. Cytogenetic damage in exfoliated oral mucosal cells and circulating lymphocytes of patients suffering from precancerous oral lesions Cancer Letters [Desai, 1996 #34996]
Journal Article 1984 Bhide, S. V. Arecoline tumorigenicity in Swiss strain mice on normal and vitamin B deficient diet Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology [Bhide, 1984 #34969]
Journal Article 1979 Bhide, S. V. Carcinogenicity of betel quid ingredients: feeding mice with aqueous extract and the polyphenol fraction of betel nut British Journal of Cancer [Bhide, 1979 #34968]
Journal Article 1993 Kayal, J. J. Incidence of micronuclei in oral mucosa of users of tobacco products singly or in various combinations Mutagenesis [Kayal, 1993 #34900]