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Journal Article 1952 Beyer, H. Otley Notes on the archaeological work of H. R. van Heekeren in Celebes and elsewhere Journal of East Asiatic Studies [Beyer, 1952 #31947]
Book 1955 Beyer, H. Otley The relation of tektites to archaeology [Beyer, 1955 #20941]
Book 1962 Beyer, H. Otley Philippine tektites: a contribution to the study of the tektite problem in general, in the light of both past and recent discoveries [Beyer, 1962 #20940]
Book Section in a Series 1943 Beyer, H. Otley Philippine tektites and the tektite problem in general [Beyer, 1943 #26014]
Newspaper Article 1931 Beyer, H. Otley Many Chinese ceramics have found their way into the Philippines Manila Daily Bulletin [Beyer, 1931 #36134]
Journal Article 1921 Beyer, H. Otley The Philippines before Magellan. I: the Hindus in Malaysia. II: Early Chinese relations with Malay lands. Asia [Beyer, 1921 #33946]
Book Section 1932 Beyer, H. Otley A tabular history of the Philippine population: types of archaeological remains in the Philippines Prehistorica Asicae Orientalis I [Beyer, 1932 #24543]
Conference Paper 1926 Beyer, H. Otley Recent discoveries in Philippine archaeology 3d Pan-Pacific Science Congress [Beyer, 1926 #26510]
Journal Article 1947 Beyer, H. Otley Outline review of Philippine archaeology by islands and provinces Philippine Journal of Science [Beyer, 1947 #34888]
Journal Article 1928 Beyer, H. Otley A prehistoric Iron Age in the Philippines Philippine Magazine [Beyer, 1928 #34883]
Journal Article 1948 Beyer, H. Otley Philippine and East Asian archaeology, and its relation to the orgin of the Pacific Islands population National Research Council of the Philippines [Beyer, 1948 #34882]
Book Section 1979 Beyer, H. Otley Early history of Philippine relations with foreign countries, especially China Readings in Philippine Prehistory [Beyer, 1979 #24770]
Book Section 1979 Beyer, H. Otley The Philippines before Magellan Readings in Philippine Prehistory [Beyer, 1979 #24768]
Book Section 1936 Beyer, H. Otley The pre-historic Philippines Encyclopedia of the Philippines [Beyer, 1936 #24766]