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Type Year Authors Title Source ID
Journal Article 2001 Eerkens, J. W. Techniques for assessing standardization in artifact assemblages: can we scale material variability? American Antiquity [Eerkens, 2001 #28552]
Book Section 2008 Bettinger, Robert L. Cultural transmission and archaeology Cultural transmission and archaeology: issues and case studies [Bettinger, 2008 #23724]
Journal Article 1996 Madsen, David B. Settlement patterns reflected in assemblages from Pleistocene/Holocene transition of north central China Journal of Archaeological Science [Madsen, 1996 #31667]
Journal Article 2001 Richerson, Peter J. Was agriculture impossible during the Pleistocene but mandatory during the Holocene? A climate change hypothesis American Antiquity [Richerson, 2001 #34400]