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Journal Article 2000 Barker, G. The Niah Caves Project: preliminary report on the first (2000) season Sarawak Museum Journal [Barker, 2000 #28526]
Journal Article 2001 Barker, G. The Niah Cave Project: The second (2001) season of fieldwork Sarawak Museum Journal [Barker, 2001 #28514]
Journal Article 1998 Doherty, C. J. Sarawak early rice project: summary of 1998 fieldwork Borneo Research Bulletin [Doherty, 1998 #29785]
Journal Article 2002 Barker, Graeme Prehistoric foragers and farmers in South-east Asia: renewed investigations at Niah Cave, Sarawak Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society [Barker, 2002 #32564]
Book Section in a Series 1989 Beavitt, P. The ethnoarchaeology of sacrifice: some comments on the visible and invisible with respect to human contact with the spirit world in Borneo Animal et Pratiques Religieuses: Les Manifestations Matérielles [Beavitt, 1989 #26103]