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Journal Article 2020 Barton, Loukas The earliest farmers of northwest China exploited grain-fed pheasants not chickens Scientific Reports [Barton, 2020 #19052]
Journal Article 2014 Barton, Loukas Review of "First Farmers: The Origins of Agricultural Societies" by P. S. Bellwood Asian Perspectives (2012) [Barton, 2014 #26855]
Journal Article 2014 Barton, Loukas An evaluation of competing hypotheses for the early adoption of wheat in East Asia World Archaeology [Barton, 2014 #26964]
Journal Article 2016 Barton, Loukas The cultural context of biological adaptation to high elevation Tibet Archaeological Research in Asia [Barton, 2016 #27022]
Journal Article 2011 Morgan, Christopher Glacial cycles and palaeolithic adaptive variability on China's western Loess Plateau Antiquity [Morgan, 2011 #28477]
Journal Article 2010 Larson, Gregor Patterns of East Asian pig domestication, migration, and turnover revealed by modern and ancient DNA PNAS [Larson, 2010 #28636]
Journal Article 2006 Cheng-Bang An, Dry or humid? Mid-Holocene humidity changes in arid and semi-arid China Quaternary Science Reviews [Cheng-Bang 2006 #30334]
Journal Article 2005 An, Cheng-Bang Climate change and cultural response around 4000 cal yr B.P. in the western part of Chinese Loess Plateau Quaternary Research [An, 2005 #30569]