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Journal Article 2023 Adhityatama, Shinatria The Mid-Second Millennium a.d. Submerged Iron Production Village of Pontada in Lake Matano, South Sulawesi, Indonesia Asian Perspectives [Adhityatama, 2023 #37298]
Journal Article 2024 Adhityatama, Shinatria A Preliminary Report on the Late 13th- to Early 14th-Century Bontosikuyu Shipwreck Site, Selayar Island, South Sulawesi, Indonesia: A Case Study for Regional Capacity Building and Research International Journal of Nautical Archaeology [Adhityatama, 2024 #37297]
Journal Article 2023 Hilgen, Sander L. Revised age and stratigraphy of the classic Homo erectus-bearing succession at Trinil (Java, Indonesia) Quarternary Science Reviews [Hilgen, 2023 #37190]
Journal Article 2021 Berghuis, H. W. K. Hominin homelands of East Java: revised stratigraphy and landscape reconstructions for Plio-Pleistocene Trinil Quaternary Science Reviews [Berghuis, 2021 #37130]
Journal Article 2021 Brumm, Adam Skeletal remains of a Pleistocene modern human (Homo sapiens) from Sulawesi Plos One [Brumm, 2021 #37100]
Journal Article November 2022 Berghuis, H. W. K. The eastern Kendeg Hills (Java, Indonesia) and the hominin-bearing beds of Mojokerto, a re-interpretation. Quaternary Science Reviews [Berghuis, November 2022 #37058]
Journal Article 2021 Adhityatama, Shinatria Pulau Ampat site: A submerged 8th century iron production village in
Matano Lake, South Sulawesi, Indonesia
Archaeological Research in Asia [Adhityatama, 2021 #36981]
Journal Article 2021 Suryatman Flaking stone activity in the tradition of iron smelting from the 8th to 17th centuries AD in the Matano region, South Sulawesi, Indonesia Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports [Suryatman 2021 #36903]