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Book (Edited) 2015 The Routledge Handbook of Bioarchaeology in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands [ 2015 #37171]
Journal Article 2022 Grono, Elle Early settlement construction in Southeast Asia: lime mortar floor sequences at Loc Giang, southern Vietnam Antiquity [Grono, 2022 #37170]
Journal Article Sarjeant, Carmen The Origins of the Civilisation of Angkor, Volume Seven: The Excavation of Non Ban Jak (Review) Asian Perspectives [Sarjeant, #37169]
Journal Article 2022 O'Reilly, Dougald Further Excavations Among the Megaliths: Research at Plain of Jars Site 2 in Laos Journal of Indo-Pacific Archaeology [O'Reilly, 2022 #37168]
Journal Article 2018 Pawlik, Alfred F. The Philippines from c. 14,000 to 4,000 cal. BP in Regional
Cambridge archaeological journal [Pawlik, 2018 #37167]
Journal Article 2022 Carter, Alison Northwest Cambodia and the Mekong interaction sphere: glass stone beads from Lovea, Prei Khmeng, and Sophy Journal of the Society of Bead Researchers [Carter, 2022 #37166]
Journal Article 2022 Higham, Charles Khok Phanom Di: new radiocarbon dates and their implications Journal of Indo-Pacific Archaeology [Higham, 2022 #37165]
Journal Article 2022 Higham, Charles New radiocarbon dates for iron age Noen U-loke Journal of Indo-Pacific Archaeology [Higham, 2022 #37164]
Journal Article 2022 Higham, Charles Franklin Wandesforde Zooarchaeology of Ban Chiang and the rise of early farming communities in mainland Southeast Asia International journal of osteoarchaeology [Higham, 2022 #37163]
Journal Article 2021 Sofian, Harry Octavianus Development of technology ferrous metal melting furnace ancient times in Indonesia

Perkembangan teknologi tungku lebur logam besi pada zaman kuno di Indonesia
Kalpataru [Sofian, 2021 #37162]
Book Section 2014 Griffiths, Arlo Early Indic Inscriptions of Southeast Asia Lost kingdoms: Hindu-Buddhist sculpture of early southeast Asia [Griffiths, 2014 #37161]
Book Section 2018 Gupta, Sunil The Archaeological Record of Indian Ocean Engagements: Bay of Bengal (5000 bc–500 ad) The Oxford Handbook of Topics in Archaeology [Gupta, 2018 #37160]
Book (Edited) 2010 50 years of archaeology in Southeast Asia: essays in honour of Ian Glover [ 2010 #37159]
Journal Article 2020 Lorrillard, Michel Religion et pouvoir royal au Lān Xāng (XIVe - XVIe siècles) Péninsule : Etudes Interdisciplinaires sur l’Asie du Sud- Est Péninsulaire [Lorrillard, 2020 #37158]
Journal Article 2019 Stark, Miriam Going Against Whose Grain? Archaeological Theory and Southeast Asia's Premodern States Cambridge Archaeological Journal [Stark, 2019 #37156]
Journal Article 2010 Sofian, Harry Octavianus Aplikasi Perangkat Lunak (Software) Komputer Untuk Penelitian Arkeologi Bawah Air Siddhayatra [Sofian, 2010 #37155]
Journal Article 2014 Buckley, Hallie R. Scurvy in a tropical paradise? Evaluating the possibility of infant and adult vitamin C deficiency in the Lapita skeletal sample of Teouma, Vanuatu, Pacific islands International Journal of Paleopathology [Buckley, 2014 #37154]
Journal Article 2019 Siripan, Sirianong Origin of prehistoric cattle excavated from four
archaeological sites in central and northeastern
Mitochondrial DNA Part A: DNA Mapping, Sequencing, and Analysis [Siripan, 2019 #37153]
Journal Article 2010 Estève, Julia L'about inscrit du musée national du Cambodge (K. 943) : nouveaux éléments sur le bouddhisme tantrique à l'époque angkorienne Arts Asiatiques [Estève, 2010 #37152]
Journal Article 2017 Noonsuk, Wannasarn Applications of Scientific Data to the Studies of Ancient Tambralinga's Agriculture and Brick Monuments in Sichon Walailak Journal of Science and Technology [Noonsuk, 2017 #37151]
Journal Article 2012 Bonatz, Dominik A Highland Perspective on the Archaeology and Settlement History of Sumatra Archipel [Bonatz, 2012 #37150]
Journal Article 2018 Castillo, Cristina Cobo Hunter-gatherer specialization in the late Neolithic of southern Vietnam – The case of Rach Nui Quaternary International [Castillo, 2018 #37149]
Journal Article 2020 Revire, Nicolas Monastery, monument, museum: sites and artifacts of Thai cultural memory (review) International Journal of Asian Studies [Revire, 2020 #37148]
Journal Article 2020 Hudson, Bob The unique "basket-buildings" of Mrauk-U. Archaeological Technology School (Pyay), 15th anniversary edition [Hudson, 2020 #37147]
Book Section in a Series 2019 Zakharov, Anton Was the Early History of Campā Really Revised? A Reassessment of the Classical Narratives of Linyi and the 6th-8th-Century Campā Kingdom Champa: Territories and Networks of a Southeast Asian Kingdom [Zakharov, 2019 #37146]
Journal Article 2018 Eda, M. The history of chicken and other bird exploitation in Thailand: Preliminary analysis of bird remains from four archaeological sites International Journal of Osteoarchaeology [Eda, 2018 #37145]
Book Section in a Series 2017 Hung, Hsiao-chun Neolithic Transition in Guangxi: A long development of hunting-gathering society in southern China Bio-anthropological studies of early Holocene hunter-gatherer sites at Huiyaotian and Liyupo in Guangxi, China [Hung, 2017 #37144]
Journal Article 1909 Brown, J. C. Stone implements from the Tengyüeh District, Yünan Province, Western China Journal and Proceedings of the Asiatic Society of Bengal [Brown, 1909 #37143]
Book 1911 Barthere, F. Noter pour servir à l'étude du Préhistorique indo-chinois Société archéologique de Provence [Barthere, 1911 #37142]
Journal Article 1927 Barbour, George Geological study of deposits of the Sankanho Basin Bulletin of the Geological Society of China [Barbour, 1927 #37141]