War was not only a series of actions, but it also permeated society in a very concrete way through physical objects and material texts. These objects and texts inscribed war in everyday settings and, beyond that, they also reaffirmed both the importance and glory of war. This exhibit examines the remains of the physical life of war. In other words, what were the aesthetics of medieval warfare? What made war appealing and/or beautiful? "The Aesthetics of Medieval Warfare" will treat aesthetics in a large way, not only in terms of beauty but in terms of physical expression more largely.

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Illustration of underwater fighting scene


From the same 1511 manuscript credited to Flavius Vegetius Renatus, this is another of the many outlandish and whimsical illustrations that appear in…

Illustration of Fantastical Cannon

Crazy cannon.JPG

This illustration of a fantastic and somewhat bizarre depiction of a cannon appears in a 1511 manuscript credited to Flavius Vegetius Renatus. Like…