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Huichol resources and bibliographic works


Nahil, Emmett_Catalog Reference - Publishable_98-24-47_26.JPG
Blue background. Humanoid forms, described as "peyote seekers" by the artist rendered in white in lower right and lower left. Grey/green tree below center. Four green plants in top half of the painting. Description and the artist's signature, are…

Nahil, Emmett_Catalog Reference - Publishable_98-24-48_24.JPG
House with tan roof. Inside are two seated individuals sitting across from one another with a fire between. Outside are two green plants on a blue field.

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virgin maria.jpg
Virgin Mary



peyote cactus.jpg
landing page

Nahil, Emmett_Catalog Reference - Publishable_85-38-23_21.JPG
Two birds, one maroon, one light blue; black figure with arms outstretched towards light blue and black object; four yellow figures, one seated; one light blue figure, one blue and red figure; one yellow and black figure; central light blue circular…

Nahil, Emmett_Catalog Reference - Publishable_85-38-13_18.JPG
Four figures, three of whom are crossing a river.

Nahil, Emmett_Catalog Reference - Publishable_85-38-22_22.JPG
Blue dog and crow; pink dog; white three-armed object; pink and pink and blue triangular objects.
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