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Preserving Society Hill combines many different sources to create a composite picture of the community. We gratefully acknowledge the various repositories and individuals who originally developed these resources. Here, we refer site visitors to these related websites and archives for further exploration of these resources, as well as for any requests for reproduction and permissions to reuse.


Historical Map

The historical base layer for the map portion of Preserving Society Hill is:

Plans and Registry Division, Bureau of Engineering Surveys and Zoning, Department of Public Works, Federal Works Progress Administration for Pennsylvania, “Philadelphia Land Use Map,” 1942, Free Library of Philadelphia.

This map is also available online via Map Collection, Free Library of Philadelphia or Greater Philadelphia Geohistory Network.


Historical Photographs

At present, Preserving Society Hill draws mainly on the photograph collection of the Philadelphia Department of Records, City Archives. These images are also available online through PhillyHistory.org, a project of the Philadelphia Department of Records.

The oral history section of the site also includes personal photographs taken as part of, and collected during the course of, that interview project. See the metadata for each photograph for relevant citation info.

Over time, we expect to scan and/or geocode additional photograph collections for incorporation into the site.


Oral Histories

The majority of the oral and written histories contained on Preserving Society Hill were developed as part of Project Philadelphia 19106, now held at the Special Collections Research Center, Temple University Library.

The team responsible for this oral history collection included: Penelope Hartshorne Batcheler, Jo Ann Buller, Cynthia J. Eiseman, Dorothy Stevens, and Karen D. Stevens.

In supplement to this collection, Elizabeth Browne edited and contributed portions of a manuscript co-authored with her husband, Stanhope Browne, about their house and the campaign to cover and depress the portion of Interstate 95 that abuts Society Hill.

Over time, we expect to incorporate additional oral and written histories. We welcome the interest of present and former Society Hill residents who wish to contribute their stories related to urban renewal.


Architectural Data

Historical data by address – including construction date, original builder/architect, original owner, major alterations, and basic architectural description – derives from a detailed inventory of the neighborhood compiled during the local historic district nomination process.

Philadelphia Historical Commission, “Society Hill (and Pennsylvania Hospital of Washington Square West) Historic District,” October 13, 1999. Also available online.


Urban Renewal Data

Various urban renewal era reports on the Washington Square East project provide data on plans for individual parcels in the neighborhood.

For Units 1 and 2, see:

Wright, Andrade & Amenta Architects, Washington Square East Urban Renewal Area; Technical Report (Philadelphia: Redevelopment Authority of the City of Philadelphia, 1959), Appendix D.

We derived data for parcels in Unit 3 from:

Redevelopment Authority of the City of Philadelphia, “Washington Square East Urban Renewal Area Unit 3, Land Acquisition Map,” July 1961.