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The Schuylkill Corps Archive is an interactive and growing public archive of citizen science and public humanities projects. Together we will discover and document the tidal river's past and present while collaboratively imagining it's future. Inside, you will find historical and present day scientific data, photographs and oral accounts, for a more inclusive and interdisciplinary narrative of the river and surrounding river wards. Explore citizen science data sets and related research. Browse through the collections to learn about Lower Schuylkill River ecology, the communities that live along its banks and the industrial history that has shaped it. Take a virtual tour or search locations of interest freely using our map. We encourage and appreciate your contributions.


The Schuylkill River and Urban Waters Research Corps is a public, cooperative research collective organized by Professors Peter DeCarlo (Drexel Air Resources Research Laboratory) and Bethany Wiggin (Penn Program in Environmental Humanities). Founded in 2016, we have hosted the bi-monthly River Research Seminar (presentations are preserved in this living River archive), run the June 2018 On-Water Intensive Seminar, sponsored Ecotopian Toolmakers, encouraged tour development (in person and digital), and more. All the while, we are building this open, living archive for a variety of work: contributing and collecting oral histories, measuring air quality, and documenting an array of citizen science and public humanities projects that discover and document the tidal river's past and present–and together imagine its future. Write to us @

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Collections include a wide array of documents - from oral histories to historical maps and photographs. Organized by theme, collections provide access to different data sets and explore multiple aspects of the river’s past and present.

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This growing collection of digital tours explore the tidal Schuykill from a variety of perspectives. One tour features the oil refinery, in operation since the 1860s; a second offers the views and viewpoints of Summer High School Interns at Bartram's Garden Community Boathouse. Tours in development concentrate on historical and botanical materials and feature the tidal river's aquatic and bird life.


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Schuylkill River & Urban Waters Research Corps Archive