Against the Current: Collective works on State Violence, identity and Resistance

Revolutionary: "It's too big, It's too wide, It's too strong, It won't fit"

The interviewees were asked "What does revolutionary/revolution mean to you?"
Here are their responses:

Interviewee A: "Revolution means change."

​Interviewee B: "I know I'm not gonna give this question justice with my answer but... revolution... I think it means, desperately needed change, I think... I think revolution, if it's... if a change happens, it’s not revolutionary unless it's like, you know... we’ve been waiting for this to happen, this needs to happen, this HAS to happen, something is wrong here. Um, revolution is making that wrong... right. That’s the type of change it is. So, if somebody says to you that revolution is like some sort of big change, no it's desperately needed, it's pent up, its been... its been, it's like it's something that like has been on the hearts of so many people and it's just like, ready to like (makes motion with hand to explode). Sorry that’s not a word but..."

​Interviewee C: "It means like change.. like radical change, seeing things that are different that you didn’t ever anticipate could happen. Um, the things that everyone was saying like 'Oh but this is just how it is, this is the way things go’ and you go in there and you’re re like ‘What if I told you it doesn't have to be that way?’ THAT within itself is revolutionary, like and it doesn’t always have to be like, again, fighting or war or stuff like that or just always being on the front line. It could be as simple as like, ‘What if I told you I don’t need to like hate myself just because I'm a black woman?' Or like I don’t need to dislike my hair or the way that I look and stuff like that or like for darker skin women, ‘What if I told you that darker skin women are beautiful?’ Like little stuff like that is revolutionary, like rewriting these scripts that like society like so easily makes for us. It’s easier to read, its very easy to just follow the rules that sort of fall in line."

​Interviewee D: "I don't know."

​Interviewee E: N/A.

​Interviewee F: "Fighting for something, we gotta start calling people out."

​Interviewee G: N/A.

Interviewee H: "I think revolution means a total, like complete, like of just everything of whatever you’ve seen."

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