Against the Current: Collective works on State Violence, identity and Resistance

Part 2: Have you been....?

These women were asked: "Have you ever been sexually violated/harassed/disrespected?"
These were their responses:

Interviewee A: "Na.. but that's just me."

Interviewee B: "Yes, I am a target. Whenever I am walking down the street, If I am in a public space, I am a target. Because guess what? I am a target, It's a fact."

Interviewee C: "Oh yea. Absolutely." 

Interviewee D: "I think it's different for me. On Facebook, I talk about how much I hate men... so, I think men tend to stay away from me." 

Interviewee E: "It's so sad that my initial reaction was to say yes and I can't think of one specific time I could've associated that yes to."

Interviewee F: "Yes, but like I don’t think about it in the moment, it’s always a realization after, and I’m like ‘oh shit’."

Interviewee G:  "These dudes man, I'm like... I don't know if they don't get it or they're just socially awkward (laughs)."
Interviewee H: "I'm constantly sexualized and other'd".

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