Against the Current: Collective works on State Violence, identity and Resistance

Freedom: "Call me bulletproof"

The interviewees were asked "What does freedom mean to you?"
Here are their responses:

​Interviewee A: "Freedom means flight."

​Interviewee B: "Freedom is that (makes motions with hands of an explosion). Um, I don’t think its necessarily specific to women of color but I think that women of color have not felt that so that’s... so (laughs)... it’s not specific women to color what freedom.. What that definition of freedom is, but we are unique in that we haven’t felt it.. and like I said, it's pent up, it's ready to go, it's signed, it's sealed, waiting for delivery like it's.. just .. it's a lot."

​Interviewee C: "Freedom... is when like we can finally just go through the world and feel like you’re safe in all sorts of capacities, like racially, like in youre skin, like as a women you're safe, but also all those things combined. Like, where we can get to a point where we can be both our culture and like women at the same exact time... that would be fantastic. Like, when I don’t have to like, sometimes separate situations by like 'Oh, am I gonna look at this from a black perspective' or like, if its like… (laughs). Like, I can always just come into a conversation and be like 'Ima look at this as a black woman and approach this as a woman of color' ... um,.. that’s freedom .. like not having to justify, like always policing or, like being perfect in every situation or being aggressive and stuff like that because we’re women of color, we’re deemed lesser than when we mess up... Just being able to live and how we want too like in whatever way that looks, it’s freedom."

​Interviewee D: "I don't know."

​Interviewee E: N/A.

​Interviewee F: N/A.

​Interviewee G: N/A.

Interviewee H: "A bunch of people can look at African Americans in slavery and now Obama, so like ‘You’re free, you guys can go to college, you guys are rich, you guys are doctors’, like whatever, whatever um, but now looking at like how systemic and all the other real facets are very much alike and regardless of Obamas, black people being doctors, and what have you, so I think freedom is the moment where we have the power..."

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