Against the Current: Collective works on State Violence, identity and Resistance

Ramona Africa


Ramona Africa

Minister of Communication for MOVE

(all italics are direct quotes from Ramona)


You can’t dispute the truth, you gotta arm yourself with it.


the city offered us jobs they offered us money they began with

bribery before they turned to brutality, they wanted to distract

us from challenging the system they wanted to deter our impact.

Ramona is a warrior she is a survivor when they said no twice

they bombed her home she was the only survivor she survived a war

1985- five hundred police officers came for a household of MOVE

they discharged 10,000 rounds of ammunition in 90 minutes even

some of the pigs called for de-escalation did they learn nothing from

1978? they did not listen they did not care they proceeded with their

war on peace on the black body they dropped a bomb they dropped

a military grade bomb on the house they bombed a house with children

they killed children a family with a bomb the government dropped on

their own citizens started a fire that killed them all call it a modern day

gas chamber no better than Hitler himself Ramona remembers she can

never forget We tried to get our children, our animals, ourselves out

of that blazing inferno. And as the cops saw us coming out, they opened fire.


They told the firefighters to let the fire burn let it burn do not put out the

fire that the bomb made they killed six children six babies six children

what crime could have warranted the death of six children gross negligence

the report called the murdering of the babies but they proceeded forward in

the moment because the pigs cannot lose they’d rather kill than lose that is

the unfortunate truth of our government, they’d rather kill their own people
than lose.
Ramona is a warrior she is so strong she watched her family die
that day she lost
six babies and five adult family members but she got out
she survived the flames
she survived the bullets she survived a court hearing
did you know that she survived
a bombing and they put her on trial
this country is whack the wrongness that occurs
is unfathomable
she represented herself with combat boots and a iron will she survived

she is free but the eleven that died that day are not the system still has
seven in chains
from 78 but she is free and she is communicating
and living and telling her story and
her strength is a beacon
she is a microphone she is the fist
she is a survivor of war. she is still at war.




MOVE’S first protest was at the Philadelphia Zoo did you know that?

we feel it is inhumane to cage animals, we believe in defending life

protecting life we have remorse for life do not want to enslave animals

in zoo do not want to enslave humans in jail cell every animal in

the zoo in the circus are serving life-death sentences-- why do people

think they can own life why do they try to buy life they think that they

can pollute the air the rivers our world because it is profitable what will

their money do for them on their deathbed in a crisis the hurricanes do not

care about your money the snow won’t take bribes like the neighbors will

How much money do you think Donald Trump would pay for a glass of water

in the desert if he was dying of thirst? Would he give up that briefcase with a

million dollars in it? I think so… the importance of life is understood it is

crystallized you can’t be at liberty to poison life to treat it like its nothing


MOVE are a natural people, we don’t coordinate our instincts-- we do what

we gotta do when Momma tells us to, that means sleeping, eating, going to

the bathroom. We exercise eat right, listen to Momma. Mother nature knows

all she’s the real queen she’s the power she’s the light the positive goodness

in this world the pigs couldn’t recognize her brilliance for anything they so

dumb humans try to replicate what she’s already done, we make light bulbs

when she’s given us sunlight but light bulbs break, we make airplanes when

we saw birds but airplanes fall and kill, our duplicates of Momma always

Fail, we’re never happy with the gifts she’s already given us.



John Africa preached that you can be legal but not right

laws should be based on morality but we are still burdened

by the legality of slavery, the legality of segregation, the legality

of Jim Crow laws these were all legal, legality is not the same

as their demand for law and “order:” horrors of horrors humanity can make

boundaries legal language that defy nature that are cruel turns of incorrect

of wrong of wrong movements of hostility the law of the united states
has rarely
if ever given proper justice to the black folk, Lady Liberty
does not stand for all
equally, some she will bend her knee to
unwavering, others turn her back--


Ramona reminds us that The Holocaust was completely legal in Germany,

and we whisper so is the one here, self-defense is a legal term they

can use when they want to, claim a thirteen year old boy

unarmed, a baby boy, was threatening to a grown man with a gun his

Blackness his supposed crime, but black woman who kills her rapist

her abuser who hit her day after day after day kills him while he’s trying

to kill her, no this is not self defense this too is Blackness, she gets life

without parole, another victim of the carceral state, the carceral state

eats children for breakfast and never stops being hungry.

Ramona says there’s a difference between self defense and violence

MOVE was never violent, only ever tried to protect their home, their babies

The guns were fake, no bullets, just peaceful people-- but the State doesn’t

care, self defense by a black person is just violence, self defense is a term

only white people get to use, you  can lay down and die or stand up and die

in prison a life sentence is a death sentence prison without parole is a kind

of murder of the innocence-- this is the Problem-- if you are attacked

by the State by the police pigs, you’re violent if you attack in righteous

self defense but you’re suicidal if you don’t the truth is you can never win

if the police choose you then you are dead the second they touch you they

can charge you with any crime they can write up any lie because they
are all in
cahoots the judge the media the mayor thank god in 2017
the statue of Rizzo
is coming down finally he is toppling down.


people are not imprisoned for their alleged crimes, because if their alleged

crimes were the reason then it would be across the board for themselves too

Put Rizzo in jail for murder, put the judges in for obstruction of justice

let them all rot by their own designs- where is the justice for the eleven

people murdered by the State, where are the consequences for those officials

the law protects whiteness the law protects officials the law protects its own

power-- How can we pretend these people are respectable?


the system convinces you have no right to self defense against them

this is why MOVE is such a threat, except MOVE never even acted

in self defense they didn’t kill that police officer- they blamed MOVE

for friendly fire, how was a gun in the basement supposed to shoot some

one in the neck traveling down don’t make no sense no logic there

In ‘78 the bullets, the physics was wrong doesn’t make no sense they

twisted logic hid facts lost the truth in their racist rhetoric MOVE

put the burden of the trial of the wronghood of the wrongness of the wrong

of the bad and bloody on the system we chose not to railroad the people but

put the burden on the system everyone knows who’s hands have the blood

of the MOVE 9 two murdered in prison seven living dead sentences have

only been with their families over phone calls over visits behind bars

that only happen every so often because who can make the long car trek

prisons disrupt lives they end lives they are cages for the innocent blacks

whose only crime was hope, whose only crime was living, whose only

crime was trying to live free, whose only crime was trying to break free

of capitalism, of materialism, MOVE are peaceful folk, this all started with

a back to nature approach all this violence, hatred was for a group of people

that just wanted to celebrate life, wanted to be peaceful, alternatively.

The struggle to live continues. Don’t compromise, MOVE forward.


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