Against the Current: Collective works on State Violence, identity and Resistance

About the Editors

Carlos Cabrera is a proud New Yorker and Puerto Rican studying English at the University of Pennsylvania. From the Bronx, New York, Carlos attended public school until the age of thirteen when, as a result of his participation in the Prep for Prep program, he attended the Collegiate School for the end of middle school and the entirety of high school. Carlos' high school years were his more formative years, as attending a PWI really helped him shape his identity and understand the implications of his identity in a larger social context. At UPenn, Carlos is studying English with an undecided concentration in either Africana studies or Creative Writing. After Penn, Carlos hopes to make a difference in the world in whatever way that manifests itself for him. Carlos' project is entitled, "Charting a Territory Uncharted: Afro Latinxs And The Contemporary Black Feminist Movement."


Sylvia Guan is currently a senior at the University of Pennsylvania in the College of Arts and Sciences, studying English, and a sub-matriculant in the School of Social Policy and Practice, pursuing a Master’s in Social Policy. Upon learning the narratives of marginalized and minority groups in her courses and extracurricular activities, Sylvia is fueled by her passion for social justice and social impact. As a graduate of Penn’s Asian Pacific American Leadership Initiative (APALI) and a former intern for the Center for Asian Americans United for Self-Empowerment (CAUSE), she hopes to advocate for social change for marginalized communities in her future work. She loves good stories, books, and ice skating in her free time. Sylvia's project is entitled, "A Place for Themselves: A Material And Print Culture Analysis of Radical Anthologies By Women of Color"


Regina Salmons is a senior in College at the University of Pennsylvania studying English with a concentration in creative writing. She particularly is interested in poetry and experimental writing. In her spare time, she is the co-editor in chief of the F-Word, Penn's feminist literary and arts magazine, housed in the Kelly  Writer's House. She is very interested in law as well, and is considering pursuing a higher degree in the field. She hopes to one day write new and improved laws, and overturn unfair legislature that has caused housing and educational inequalities. When she's not studying, you'll be able to find her on the water, rowing for Penn's varsity squad or at Dunkin Donuts with an iced coffee in tow. Regina's project is entitled, "Poetry of Memory And Resistance: Images of Strong Black Women"


Charlie Sosnick is a junior at the University of Pennsylvania, majoring in English and minoring in Cinema Studies. His scholarly interests are diverse, center around media and discourse, modernism, and the Internet. More broadly, he is fascinated by how language shapes human behavior. In his personal life, Charlie is a stand-up comedian and writer.  He hails from New Canaan, CT and currently lives in Philadelphia, PA with his beloved pet hedgehog, Cantaloupe. Charlie's project is entitled,
"On A MOVE: Photojournalism of the 1978 MOVE Shootout"



Brianna Vizcaino is a proud Afro-Latina that attends the University of Pennsylvania where she studies Criminology and is minoring in English. On campus, she is an active member of her community and has chaired the Festival Latinx, a week long celebration of the Latinx student body. She is also a sister of the Bold and Exquisite Beta Epsilon Chapter of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Incorporated, an organization that fosters the 'Universal Woman' and hosts educational programs, fundraisers, and community service. She currently serves as the treasurer. After her schooling, she wants to be involved in the Forensics field where she hopes to be part of the healing process of bringing closure to families who have lost loved ones. She is a sports fanatic and a die-hard Yankees fan. When not in school, she resides in the Bronx, NY with her 3 youngest sisters. Brianna's project is entitled, "Layers Of Our Existence: A Mini Exhibition On The Voices Of Women Of Color At Penn"

Morgan Taylor is a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania. She is planning on majoring in Biological Basis of Behavior, but besides her interest in the sciences, she is also extremely interested in politics and public policy. When she was in high school some of the activities she participated in that sparked her interest were, Model UN, her internship at Johns Hopkins Hospital in the Neuroscience Department and her civil rights class. Morgan is from Darien Connecticut, a small town forty-five minutes away from New York City. Some of her interest outside of academics include playing tennis, reading, watching films, and listening to music. One of the reasons why she enjoys listening to music so much is because she believes that it helps her to connect to more people even before meeting them. She is very excited to start building on her interest at Penn. Morgan's project is entitled, "What is an Education?"

* Scholar Photographs are courtesy of Keyana Parks, Penn English


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