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What is to be gained by examination of the “poor” private graves at Ur?

The graves of private individuals provide important evidence in identifying daily practices at Ur such as manufacturing, transportation, trade, and documentation. Here, you will find a select number of graves that offer greater insight into how these individuals interacted with and contributed to urban society both in and out of the geographic scope of Ur and outlying areas.


PG622 Body in Position UE II Volume

Adult Commoner Grave with Numerous Object Types

Late Akkadian/Neo Sumerian


Woolley Grave Card Pt. 2

Personal Grave with Objects of Religious Character (Bitumen Boat)

Late Akkadian/Neo Sumerian


Woolley’s Field Note Card PG955

Small Private Trench Grave with Constricted Body

Late Akkadian/Neo Sumerian


Woolley’s Field Note Card PG958 page 1

Craftperson (Bead-maker) Personal Grave with Half-finished Lapis Beads

Late Akkadian/Neo Sumerian


U11410 Photo from Woolley, C. L. 1934. The Royal Cemetery, Ur Excavations, vol. 2. London: Trustees of the British Museum and of the Museum of the University of Pennsylvania.

Personal Grave of A Craftperson (?) with A Cylinder Seal Showing Animal and Human Iconography

Late Akkadian/Neo Sumerian


U11418 Pic 2

Personal Grave of a Tradesman (?) with an Unfired Tablet Recording Trade

Late Akkadian/Neo Sumerian


Woolley's Grave Card PG1077 pt.1

Personal Grave with a Copper Spear-head

Early Dynastic - Early Akkadian


Woolley Grave Card pt. 1

Personal Grave with a Copper Axe and Various Object Types

Early Dynastic