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Grounds and buildings of the Centennial Exhibition
Special catalogue of the collection of antiquities exhibited by Signor Alessandro Castellani of Rome
Catalogue du Cercle de la librairie, de l'imprimerie et des  industries qui s'y rattachent.
Opinion of counsel as to final distribution of assets
Catalogue of products of Michigan in the Centennial Exhibition
The National centennial
Report of the Board on behalf of the United States
Catalogue of the articles and objects exhibited by the United States Navy Department
Catalogue of a collection of books presented to Alfred T. Goshorn
France, Commission supérieure : rapports
Treasures of art, industry and manufacture
Report of the general manager of the Department of Admissions
Official catalogue vols. 1&2
The Centennial Exhibition of 1876 : what we saw and how we saw it
International Exhibition, 1876 : official catalogue
International Exhibition 1876. Official catalogue
International Exhibition 1876. Official catalogue
Report of the director-general
Report of the director-general
Journal of the proceedings of the United States Centennial Commission
International Exhibition, 1876. Reports and awards
International exhibition, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia
The Masterpieces of the Centennial International Exhibition
Letters about the exhibition / The New York Tribune
Final report of the Ohio State Board of Centennial Managers
Briefe aus Philadelphia
International Exhibition of 1876  Philadelphia : descriptive essay
Examples of household taste
What is the Centennial? And how to see it.
Contributions to the Centennial exhibition
Model of the Centennial Exhibition of 1876
The empire of Brazil at the Universal exhibition of 1876
Catalogue of the Chinese Imperial Maritime Customs Collection
Connecticut guide-catalogue
Description of hydrographical and meteorological  instruments exhibited by Götheborgs
Reports on the Philadelphia International Exhibition (GB)
Official catalogue of the British Section
A classified and descriptive catalogue of the collections selected from the India Museum
Verslag aan Zijne Excellentie den Minister van binnenlandsche zaken over de Nederlandsche
Pennsylvania and the Centennial Exposition
Exhibits of articles generally used in Siam
The state of Wisconsin...catalogue of its exhibits at the Centennial
Gems of the Centennial Exhibition
Official catalogue vols. 1&2, 3&4 
Illustrated historical register of the Centennial Exhibition
International exhibition of 1876: General views
The illustrated historical register of the United States Centennial exhibition
Centennial portfolio: a souvenir of the international
Souvenir of the Centennial exhibition, or, Connecticut's representation at Philadelphia
The illustrated history of the Centennial exhibition