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Ornament is an extravagant and inessential thing.  - Ruskin










Curators of the Archive for Ornamental Bodies

Fawaz Naeem, a student at the University of Pennsylvania, hails from Port Saint, Lucie Florida. He plans on majoring in the Biological Basis of Behavior. He is investigating how things that might at first appear to be secondary aspects of an object are actually what makes objects go beyond the ordinarythey're what creates the excess we love. He hopes that you enjoy the archive!

Sabrina Qiao, a junior at the University of Pennsylvania, is from Blue Bell, Pennsylvania. She is majoring in English with a minor in Journalism, and she's had a lot of fun working on this archive and seeing the ways in which her major is applicable to web design. In this archive, she is interested in seeing how ornamentation can mask structure, seemingly affecting the perception of an object even as its purpose and its form remains the same.

Maylat Kassa, a student at the University of Pennsylvania, came to Philadelphia from Minneapolis, Minnesota to study bioengineering at the School of Engineering and Applied Science. Her hobbies include biking, writing, coding, and learning about various digital design softwares. Maylat seeks to uncover how ornament engages perception as a product of relational excess.

Sam ClaypoolePenn Sophomore, prospective English major, STSC minor, and German minor, comes from suburban North Carolina. She loves poetry, media of all sorts, space, and thinking too much. With the AOB, Sam explores the intentionality of design, the purposelessness of beauty, the banality of description, and the relationship of memory and surface.

Lauren Hummel, a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania, is studying Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics with a minor in mathematics. She was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She enjoys robotics and computer aided design and had a great time implementing her skills and broadening her horizons to produce the Archive for Ornamental Bodies. Her work on the archive includes a deeper analysis of how the structure of things can relate down to a natural level, even when it is suspected that it cannot. 

Jen Lema, a student at the University of Pennsylvania, is an English major. She is from Queens, New York. She's having a great time working on the archive and has enjoyed learning about ornamentation. She is interested in the essentiality of ornamentation and the role of surface when describing key elements of an object.